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MBA In The UK – Popular Choice Amongst Indian Students!

Why is doing your MBA in the UK still a popular choice amongst Indian students? To understand this immense liking for the UK and its varied masters degree courses, especially a MBA, one need to look into the mindset of the whole Indian community. Generally, in an Indian home sending your child abroad to complete their post graduation is considered to be a matter of status. With changing times, children too joined the ranks with their parents and started zeroing on UK as their favourite study destination. However, their reasoning is based on quite a different platform away from the status quotient.

There has been a 70% rise in the Indian students going to UK for their further studies. As of 2009, around 44,000 students belonging to India have made UK their higher education abode as compared to 2008 when the number was only 26,000. This high rise can be explained in two terms. Firstly, the internationally recognised courses and their high quality have managed to attract a larger share of Indian student as stated by the education promotion India head of British Council. Secondly, the rise in racism crime in Australia has made it quite an unpopular choice amongst students and this tilted that share into the favour of UK. According to Open Doors, an international student mobility analysing agency the percentage of Indian students choosing US for their higher studies is just a meager 9.2% in 2009. UK thus appears to be a safe and profitable destination by all means to Indian students.

Indian students these days have become more conscious about their future career. They want to break into the global business scenario with competent management skills tucked under their belly. And Studying in UK is a very convenient form available to Indian students. This option is quite lucrative with many growth opportunities in the future. Also, the new revised UK Student Visa laws have made it much easier and beneficial for international students to complete their Masters Degree from UK. Under the newly introduced Tier 4 Visa, students coming to UK for their post graduation will get a 2 year work permit after the completion of their respective course.

Colleges and universities in UK offer a variety of specialization MBA courses like MBA in Hospitality, Human Resource Management, marketing Management, Financial Management, Sports Management, Event Management, International Tourism & Hospitality Management etc. University Of Lancashire, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Eurospeak, Swansea Metropolitan University, Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College are some of the examples which provide an excellent MBA study curriculum and lucrative training and job opportunities. You can enrol into a course of your choice and gain a masters degree from a renowned accredited college or university that will make for an impressive title on your resume. Besides this, MBA in UK for Indian students also guarantees entry into senior level management job in the home country as well.

There are so many benefits for Indian students who wish to do their MBA in UK