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Why Social Videos Are So Effective for Your Business

Your clients and prospective clients are undoubtedly watching a large number of videos regularly. In fact, social videos are one of the most popular and one of the most effective forms of content that exist for business people. Each video is short and highly effective. Social videos can give your business a tremendous boost.

Leverage all that you can for your business
The truth is that if you are not taking full advantage of videos as part of your overall content marketing strategy, you are doing your business a great disservice. No matter what size your business is (small, medium, or large), you can still use videos as an extremely effective marketing tool that can help you to bring your business to the next level.

You can shoot your videos using a smartphone or some other handheld device that has a camera. It is that simple and it will not take a great deal of time or effort to accomplish something that works well for your business.

So, in this juncture, you may be wondering what a social video is and how it can work for your business.

What exactly is a social video?
It may seem like a rather broad term and it may define several different types of video (in your mind). The most basic definition is that that a social video is a video that is created with the intent to be shared and viewed on social networks. However, it is worth exploring further what a social video is and how to get the most mileage out of it.

  • One of the most important things is that social videos need to be optimized (just like written content) for the social networks on which you are planning to post them. Each social network is a little different. That means that your videos need to be optimized for each social network in a customized manner. That may take a little time and effort to accomplish but you will get used to doing that and before you know it, it will become second nature to you. The trick is to wrap your mind around each social network separately.
  • You need to make sure that your social videos are shareable. When you are optimizing your video content, the optimization not only applies to the social network on which you are sharing that video content but the video itself must also be optimized. Some of the essential elements that your video content should contain are some sort of emotional connection to your readers and a story that comes through very strongly. Your video content will not be read and it will certainly not be shared if those two elements are not in your content.
  • If you are sharing a live video, it must be sincere and authentic. Nothing about it must seem contrived. With the short attention span of your viewers, you really can’t afford to offer them any less than that. Your live video should feel like you are in the room with the other person.

The goal of social videos is to get a lot of people to view and share them so that they become viral. If your social video tells a story in a compelling manner and it connects with your viewers in a profound emotional way, it will be shared.

The necessity of social videos for your business
There are several different really good reasons why you should include social videos in your content marketing strategy.

  • A larger number of social networks are promoting social videos on their sites: Many of the popular social networks are promoting a greater number of social videos lately. That alone is a good reason for you to start creating them for your business. That means that a larger number of people are paying attention to what you are doing (as well as what many other businesses are doing). Video content is gaining more and more credibility and that means that if you share social videos, your brand’s credibility will be increasing as well.
  • Social videos appeal to millennials: As much as people in older generations don’t want to admit it, millennials are a very important group of people to reach when it comes to your brand and your business. The truth is that you need millennials to buy into what you are offering. If they approve, you have succeeded with a significant portion of the market. It is that simple.
  • Videos have a unique effect on people: It is a fact that many people are visual, which means that they respond positively to visual content. Videos certainly fall into that category. That doesn’t mean that words on a page are not important as well but as a professional, you will want to offer different types of content so that you are able to reach many different groups of people.
  • Pay attention to the competition: It is important for you to jump on the bandwagon because if you don’t, you will be left behind. The truth is that your competitors are embracing social videos for their business and you must make your best efforts to keep up. Otherwise, you will be doing your business and your brand a disservice.
  • Your social videos can bring in revenue: There are many positive results from social videos, including greater website conversion rates, larger amounts of website traffic, and much larger views on the social networks on which you have posted your videos. The response may very well be overwhelmingly positive.

Social videos help you increase brand awareness and they enable you to tell your brand’s story in an extremely effective, memorable way. The more social videos you create, the better you will get at making them and other people will begin to notice, respect, and appreciate all of your efforts. The reality is that many social networks are expanding to include social videos because they recognize how effective they are. The visual element ensures that the concepts that you are bringing forth will be memorable and powerful. Social videos are an extremely effective tool for your business and you should leverage that tool as much as possible.